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Vogue Smart Dressmaking cover from 1948

This is a great cover design and the type of nice work that you just don't see anymore on the newsstands. The first thing that makes this cover special is the use of negative space - it's just something you dont see in mag cover today that cram every inch with text and copy. The other nice thing is that it's an illustration made from found objects, yet the choices of the objects for their color (and placement) are very deliberate. It's refreshing to see a design for such a humble subject that's sophisticated. Yet it's important to keep in mind that this cover wasn't aimed at an upscale audience, but everyday ladies who wanted to sew their own dresses (who one would assume couldn't afford the high end items of the day).

This cover illustration comes from Shannon Coffey who runs Collyer Bros. which is a nifty vintage magazine shop.


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