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July 4, 2009

Diana Reyna Isn't Working For You


Well the good news is that Diana Reyna has broken free of the Vito Lopez machine but the bad news is that just means that she's an independent hack who isn't doing anything of value for Williamsburg. The main problem with Council Member Reyna is that she voted the end term limits for both the mayor and herself — that was really a decision that should have been given directly to the voters to New York City.

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Maritza Davila: She's the Choice of the Machine (Which is Why You Shouldn't Vote for Her)


The first time I ever heard of Maritza Davila running for city council was when I got the above letter from New York State assemblyman Vito J. Lopez. This was a somewhat unusual roll out for a candidate which quickly left a bad taste in mouth. So of course I did some research to get the inside scoop: Lopez was backing Davila (who was part of his staff) for the seat because he had some kind of falling out with current councilwoman Diana Reyna (who also use to work on his staff).

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Gerry Esposito: An Endorsement for City Council

The other candidates running aren't bad apples, but what's badly needed in the city council race for Williamsburg is good old fashioned change — and that's why the Williamsburg Nerd is endorsing Gerry Esposito for the seat.

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July 13, 2009

Curioso: Almost Respectable Slices

Curioso: Respectable Slices 227 Roebling, between South 2nd and 3rd Brooklyn, NY 11211

In my never ending quest for he perfect slice I gave Curioso a shot: This place just opened up, so to be fair I have to give them some room as they were still getting their act together. I tried their veggie and white slices which were decent — the crust was nice and thin which is a plus in my book. The veggie slice was alright but not great (the ingredients took it down a notch with bland olives), so my hunch is that one should keep it simple when ordering there.

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