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Article on the Indie Music Dorks who use to Live in My Apartment

the Dorks who use to Live in My Apartment When I first moved into my apartment at 331 Keap Street I would keep getting mail for "Bishop Allen". It seemed obvious that this Bishop guy was too lame to contact the post office to forward his damn mail. I mean it's so easy, you go to a website and pay $1, anyone or their cat can do it. After a few weeks I started to wonder just who this Bishop Allen guy was, so I googled it - turns out to be an indie rock band (photo above). Anyway it seems they are getting some good press:

Bishop Allen

Daily News: The song also seems to discuss life as a struggling musician.

JUSTIN: Sometimes it's frustrating to know the life you've chosen makes it so you don’t really get to experience anything breathtaking. You can work on songs, you can write them and you can live in these vistas of your imagination. But you can think about that thing, but there are definitely moments where you’re like "I’m dirty and cold and looking at the same little room."

Ah yes the vistas of the imagination - it's been over a year and I'm still getting music catalogs and their unpaid Blockbuster Video bills stuffed in my mailbox. But I did manage to use the fan that they left behind...

By the way if you want to see Bishop Allen, here is their website...


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