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Old Movie Theater on Broadway and Rodney

Old Movie Theater on Broadway in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Running to the Marcy train station I always go by this movie house, and wonder if it will re-open again one day. It's on the northeast corner of Broadway and Rodney in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A cab driver told me once that he use to catch kung-fu movies there in the 70s, so my guess is that it's been closed for a good long time.

From time to time I see lights inside so I assume that someone is doing something with it. I'd love to see it restored to being a real movie theater again, or better yet some kind of theatrical performance or music space. The only down point to this would be the noise from the J line.

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The name of this movie theatre is "The Commodore" and it is owned by a my fiance's friend's uncle. The theatre has been closed roughly 5 years. They are planning on reopening but I'm not sure when. I had many good times here. The best part about it was the admission was on $6.00.

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