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Just Cuz Yer in a Band Doesn't Mean yer a God

Some of the most funny - but often true to the heart - reading can be found from time to time in the Craig's List rants and raves section. This little gem is a great little slice of the hipster lifestyle:

just cuz yer in a band doesn't mean yer a god

grow some balls and join the human race. i don't give a shit about how much you claim to care about me. you are in love with yourself and are a total jackass.

just cuz you can play some instruments and get up at some dive bar in front of a crowd of 10 does not make you john fucking lennon. hell, you couldn't even be ringo starr. and remember: just cuz you have an audience doesn't mean they are listening to you. they are just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

and if you get some random girl to come home with you, don't make out with her til you get her in the sack cuz you are the worst kisser i've ever had. you bring new meaning to the phrase sucking face. and don't turn on the lights if yer naked cuz goddamn...you really need to shave, and i don't mean your face.

i am so glad we are no longer together. you are going to end up a bald, overweight, hairy, broke, miserable guy stuck on a dream that you'll never get. and by that point i'll have completly forgotten you.


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