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McCarren Pool Concert Series

The McCarren Pool concert series is well under way - in fact I just missed the Deerhoof show this weekend! What's funny is that I'm even seeing posters for it at the Lorimer L train stop too. The only thing I dislike about the series is that they charge - but not everthing in life (or Williamsburg) is free. But on the bright side there are a few shows that will be playing over the next few weekends:


Here's a video of of Montreal playing the pool on July 30th:

Here's one of Enon from the same show:

And last but not least here are two Yeah Yeah Yeahs videos from a recent pool show (bad audio quality - but a cool costume):

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I was at the Deerhoof/Apollo Sunshine/etc. concert yesterday afternoon and early evening, and it was free. They did ask for donations, and I happily gave a few dollars. This Sunday series is put on by JellyNYC, I think, and it's no charge.

Saturday night's Sonic Youth/Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert was too expensive for me, but I sat in the park across Lorimer Street and enjoyed what I could hear, which was pretty much everything. And I did get to see Karen O. dance yesterday on the YouTube videos people posted.

I regret that I didn't see Deerhoof - always wanted to see them live!

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