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Blast-Off Girls: Jumping Young Teenieboppers!

It's what happening baby, and it's happening right here! This groovy 1967 film directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis was trying to somewhat imitate the Monkees who were designed to imitate the Beatles, although the cool thing about the film is it features a cameo of none other than the real Colonel Sanders (yes of Kentuky Fried Chicken fame). I'd write more, but I dont think I can quite top this great review I found of the film:

"Boojie Baker is a slimy, crooked manager of bad garage bands. He whores women, bribes record producers, and cheats his bands out of money. After getting the brush off from a band he’s managing, Boojie comes upon “The Big Blast.” He decides to make them the next big thing and blurts out his catch phrase, “Have a blast!” constantly. “The Big Blast” performs very badly produced garage pop-rock. A lot. They make it big and party. A lot. Not too much else happens."

...it sounds like the music industry can use someone like Boojie today!

Blast-Off Girls: Jumping Young Teenieboppers!


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