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The Music Video Ghosts of Keith Haring and Andy Wharhol

The other day WOXY Vintage was playing the old 80s not-quite-a-hit-song Monster by B-52s front-man Fred Schneider. So on a lark I dug up the music video which I haven't seen in eons — and looking through the video I got a nice surprise: There are few shots featuring none other than 80s art great Keith Haring!

It brought to mind that in the 80s that it was pretty common to have a fun guest star to a cameo - and this wouldn't just be some like Leonard Nimoy, but also fine artists like Andy Warhol (note this is the uncensored version of the music video):

By the way the blond lady at the start of the video is none other than Dianne Brill who was a fixture of the 80s club scene in NYC.


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