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November 4, 2008

The Williamsburg Nerd Endorses Barack Obama (of course!)

Vote Obama

This is the sticker that I wore during the New York primary on Tuesday, February 5th, 2008. I was upset that Barack lost in New York, but not surprised. Although on the bright side he did better in Brooklyn than most other places so I'm glad I was a part of that. While I had fun handing out flyers and the like, the highlight of that day was being able to go and vote for Obama in an actual voting booth. This was a big deal to me as the 2004 race was finished well before the NY primary when I was involved in the Wes Clark campaign - and of course the years 2000 and 1996 were non-events.

I'm looking ahead to returning to the voting booth on today and hoping for the best. By the way please be extra kind to those workers at the polls - they don't get paid much and for the most part they show up year after year out of love. They'll have their hands full on Tuesday so some extra kindness will go a long way...

I've Been Waiting for This Day...

Voting Starts in Brooklyn, USA

Voting at PS 19 at 325 South 3rd Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the 2008 Presidential election. This shows the line in the hallway to get into the voting area. By the way the clock in this photo hadn't been reset it was in fact 6:05 am.

Voting in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This is the entrance to the voting area where workers rather quickly pointed people in the right direction.

Voting in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Voting begins: Things look like they're off to a slow start here, but at the entrance folks are starting to line up.

Voting in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Election poll workers look up my name from the previous election.

I've Been Waiting for This Day...

The first time I watched Barack Obama speak was his speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention — and I was blown away. I read his books and in 2007 went to the first meetups. And then came Iowa which surprised me in a refreshing away which was followed by a very long primary season. Then came the conventions, debates and at long last today!

November 16, 2008

My Pizza Place (for Slices) is History

My Pizza Place (for Slices) is History

Niña's 2 Restaurant & Pizzeria (located at 486 Metropolitan Avenue) was always a decent place for slices, but sadly I went there today and they were closed. Their quality had up and down points, but they were pretty much the best place in the hood for slices. I also enjoyed ordering pasta from them too. I also noticed the trucking rental place behind their location was has moved, but I don't think it's related as there was a "For Rent" sign at Nina's.

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November 23, 2008

Nachos at Buffalo Cantina

Nachos at Buffalo Cantina

Buffalo Cantina was one of my first discoveries upon moving into Williamsburg, I've sort of always thought of it as my "old reliable" spot for very veggie friendly Mexican. Shown here are their nachos.

Buffalo Cantina, 149 Havemeyer Street near South 2nd Street

November 30, 2008

The Ortiz Funeral Home

The Ortiz Funeral Home

Believe it or not Ortiz Funeral Home is a chain with several locations in the New York City area. Although looking at this neon sign you can tell that this location has been in Williamsburg for a long time. What's odd about he location is that it sits right next door to the ramp where the Williamsburg Bridge joins the Brooklyn Queens Expressway (this shot was taken on Havemeyer Street). On the other side is a parking lot and entrance.

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