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The Williamsburg Nerd Endorses Barack Obama (of course!)

Vote Obama

This is the sticker that I wore during the New York primary on Tuesday, February 5th, 2008. I was upset that Barack lost in New York, but not surprised. Although on the bright side he did better in Brooklyn than most other places so I'm glad I was a part of that. While I had fun handing out flyers and the like, the highlight of that day was being able to go and vote for Obama in an actual voting booth. This was a big deal to me as the 2004 race was finished well before the NY primary when I was involved in the Wes Clark campaign - and of course the years 2000 and 1996 were non-events.

I'm looking ahead to returning to the voting booth on today and hoping for the best. By the way please be extra kind to those workers at the polls - they don't get paid much and for the most part they show up year after year out of love. They'll have their hands full on Tuesday so some extra kindness will go a long way...


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