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NYC Primaries in Williamsburg

NYC Primaries in Williamsburg

This election day was very different than the last time I voted for the Presidential race in 2008. Up for grabs is the local city seat and while voting was light the get out of the vote effort from the candidates was huge (much more intense than the Democratic primaries for President by the way). Seen here is a campaign worker for Diana Reyna who holds the seat, Maritza Davila who is a challenger.

Reyna voted with Republican Mayor Bloomberg to end term limits without a public vote, however because she's one of the few Dominican politicians support is heavy in the district. The photo with Obama is a bit dishonest as she didn't support him in the primaries when it mattered. Maritza Davila was backed by politician Vito Lopez when Reyna turned his back on him. However Maritza is Puerto Rican so she has support from that ethnic base within the community, although the Dominicans are on the rise in the hood as the Puerto Ricans are moving out to the burbs more and more.

Sadly my candidate Jerry Esposito didn't do as well with his get out the vote effort, although he did do a good job with fundraising. To me he was the real candidate of change, however lacking the support from the machine or getting the local ethnic vote (his family is from Argentina) I fear that the odds are against him.

I also had the shock upon entering the voting booth to realize that as a citizen of Brooklyn I was not allowed to vote for the Manhattan DAs race!


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