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April 23, 2006

The Sellout Festival

I just read about this cool upcoming festival in the New York Times theater section:

The Sellout Festival
June 2 to July 2; Brick Theater, 575 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

What The producers of last year's Moral Values Festival compromise and cash in. As Robert Honeywell, a co-artistic director, put it, "We're saying what the hell is art anyway?"

Sounds Promising Because . . . There's a mix of satire and silliness. Anyone with an e-mail address should appreciate "The Nigerian Spam Scam," and "Greed: A Musical £ove Story," about the Anna Nicole Smith case, offers the prospect of some truly tasteless humor and even a striptease set on the subway.

...sounds like a real winner to me!

The Sellout FestivalFor ticket and event info go to:

575 Metroplitan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(between Union and Lorimer Street)
For reservations call 718 907-3461

June 21, 2006

Upcoming Event: Animation Block Party!

Two of my favorite things are animation and Williamsburg, so I was quite happy to read about this animation vent that will be taking place in July:

The Animation Block Party

The Animation Block Party, devoted to showcasing the work of independent professionals and students from around the world has set its schedule for the 2006 Summerfest. Taking place in New York City July 22-24, the event will feature everything from "giveaways" to "discussions with industry survivors." Ticket information and the excellent shorts lineup for the festival will be announced on the Animation Block website on July 3rd, 2006. Read on for the entire three day agenda.

Opening night, July 22nd, at Rooftop Films will feature a special performance by Vic Thrill and the Saturn Missle. Doors open at Automotive High School at 50 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with cool giveaways from ABP sponsors, great food and animation booths. This is followed by two hours of animation exclusives including New York and world premieres from artists of all nationalities.

The second night, July 23rd at Galapagos Art Space begins with an Animation Survivors Panel. Four animation originals talk about the genesis of the New York City animation experience. This will be a one of a kind discussion with industry survivors Howard Beckerman, Irra Verbitsky, Doug Crane, and Don Duga about their careers, personal work, and what inspires them today. These four artists were sewn into the fabric of Manhattan's animation universe as they began their careers in the era of Rankin and Bass, Terrytoons, and UPA continued through the classic MTV and Nickelodeon age, and are still thriving in the new millennium of internet video and Flash. This panel is followed by 80 minutes of diverse genre shorts ranging from experimental to student work and is capped off by Rock Star Karaoke with a live band, featuring Sid and Buddy Karaoke.
July 24th, the final night, is at Bam Cinematek and will feature the best narrative shorts of the festival as well as a handful of other ABP originals.

September 2, 2006

Clowns Invade Williamsburg: Hipsters Flee!

Be afraid, be very afraid! The clowns are set to invade Williamsburg, not it's a political convention coming to town but the New York Clown Theater Festival:

Most of the clown events are either free for $10, so it looks like the evnt is in fact well worth checking out. Sadly it looks like I missed a performance of the clowns at my local L train stop:

Clowns Invade Williamsburg: Hipsters Flee!

October 3, 2006

Come Join the World of the Hipsters

Note the use of the word "Hipster" from a 1966 anti-drug film:

What color is the rainbow of passion?

October 29, 2007


I love the look of this vintage commercial - there's something very surreal about it...

December 3, 2007

The Hippie Revolt

There's something happening but you don't know what it is! A film for BOTH the straits and hippies...

December 17, 2007

Pulp Fiction in Typography

Being a graphic designer AND a Quentin Tarantino fanboy I loved the above clip...

February 25, 2008

Blast-Off Girls: Jumping Young Teenieboppers!

It's what happening baby, and it's happening right here! This groovy 1967 film directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis was trying to somewhat imitate the Monkees who were designed to imitate the Beatles, although the cool thing about the film is it features a cameo of none other than the real Colonel Sanders (yes of Kentuky Fried Chicken fame). I'd write more, but I dont think I can quite top this great review I found of the film:

"Boojie Baker is a slimy, crooked manager of bad garage bands. He whores women, bribes record producers, and cheats his bands out of money. After getting the brush off from a band he’s managing, Boojie comes upon “The Big Blast.” He decides to make them the next big thing and blurts out his catch phrase, “Have a blast!” constantly. “The Big Blast” performs very badly produced garage pop-rock. A lot. They make it big and party. A lot. Not too much else happens." sounds like the music industry can use someone like Boojie today!

Blast-Off Girls: Jumping Young Teenieboppers!

March 10, 2008

Diary of a Telephone Operator

Diary of a Telephone Operator was the Americanized title of the 1969 Italian film Certo, certissimo, anzi... probabile (translation: Certain, Very Certain, As a Matter of Fact...Probable.) directed by Marcello Fondato and starring Claudia Cardinale. Below is a film poster on the left and a photo of Claudia Cardinale on the right:


May 12, 2008

LSD: Insight or Insanity?

Check out the poor hamster having a bad trip! By the way there's a good article on the actual effects of LSD here.

August 27, 2008

Retro Film Shoot at Keap Street

Retro Film Shoot at Keap Street

Over the last week or so there's been a film shooting on my block (Keap Street and South 4th). It must be a period film (either 70s or 60s) because there are many retro automobiles and props to be found.

Retro Film Shoot at Keap Street

This "location" use to be my local car service which recently moved (much to my regret).

Retro Film Shoot at Keap Street

It's amazing how much stuff it takes to make a professional film.

Retro Film Shoot at Keap Street

This is one of the few sexy cars to be found on the street!

Update: It turns out the film is in fact a TV show called Life on Mars!

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