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Toby is a J Train Man!

The latest Live from the WB podcast is out and it's a must download episode. Rewinding a bit: For those of you who don't know "Live from the WB" is a Williamsburg Brooklyn specific podcast, it's also one of the better podcasts that I've come across.

I was impressed to find out in this latest episode that Toby (who is one of the hosts - seen on the photo at the right) doesn't live to far from where I live - which makes him a "J Train Man" - which in fact increases his hipster rating over mere L train riders.

Other highlights from the episode are:

- It seems the Clovis Press bookstore won't re-open
- The Glenwood Hotel at 339 Broadway will be opening an internet cafe on the ground floor (this makes me happy since it's not that far from my apartment)
- The Williamsburg Savings Bank will become condos
- And there's a rumor that Starbucks is coming to Williamsburg on Broadway, but I'm sort of surprised that this happened already...


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