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Williamsburg Artist: Kristy Lynn

Below: Cocoon by Kristy Lynn, ink, pencil on paper,12" x 16"

Cocoon by Kristy Lynn, ink, pencil on paper,12
It's amazing some of things that you'll find in life by pure chance. About two weekends ago I was wanderng around Williamsburg, not seeing anything in the galleries that impressed me so I headed to Bedford Avenue. At one of the street corners there was a couple selling the usual odds and ends like paperback books and old records. But I was then surprised to spot some amazing miniature paintings that were quite well done. These little gems sort reminded me of Paul Klee meets Williamsburg.

The artist ws standing by her work so I got her card, which linked to her website. Her name is Kristy Lynn, and her work is well worth checking out. I hope she has a proper exhibit of her work in the near future, but until then you can go to her portfolio website:



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