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Restaurant Review: Zocalo TexMex

Zocalo is a precious gem hidden on unfashionable Broadway just near Marcy (in fact the train runs overhead). Will you find an amazing interior design and a well stocked bar like TacoChulo? No. Will you find baked tofu and onion rings like Buffalo Cantina? No. But what you will find is this humble little food joint does one thing very well - they make great Mexican fast food that's very authentic.

Now even though Zocalo uses the term "TexMex fast food" that's a bit of an unfair description. Not only did the food taste great, but if you sit down the presentation is nice (real plates!) and the service is very warm and friendly. The have all the standard items that you would expect to see like burritos and nachos - but there are a few neat items on the menu that you wont see at most other places. For example the "Zocalo Burrito" features eggs mexican style and onions. The prices are very reasonable too, about $5 to $7.50 for a range of burritos - although budget minded hipsters can go for $2 tacos. There are only a few vegetarian items on the menu, but the ones that are there taste great and they seem to be willing to alter the ingrediens for you.

If your local train stop is the Marcy J line this place is perfect for grabbing dinner before heading home. Zocalo also does take-out and delivery and arre open up from around 11am to 10pm every day.

Zocalo TexMex

295 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 388-2161

P.S. So for all of you wondering what Zocalo is a reference to, it seems to be a great square in Mexico City that pays tribute to the native Mexican culture:



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