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Plans To Computerize L Train Over Budget

Looks like the L train "improvement project" isn't doing so well:

Plans To Computerize L Train Over Budget, Behind Schedule

Plans to fully computerize the L subway line are now $30 million over budget and a year behind schedule. The Transit Authority doesn't have enough new trains to handle the surge in ridership on the line, forcing the agency to bring back some of the older trains.

The high-tech trains were first introduced four years ago and led to critics blasting the TA's plan to eliminate conductors, charging it would compromise safety. Conductors were taken off the line last June, but an arbitrator ordered them brought back in September.

Maybe they should think of having special express trains at peak hours? This would be a low tech solution that might help. Half the people always get off at Union Square or at Bedford anyway. But if anything with new housing starts by the waterfront the problem is going to get worse.

However the J line isn't too bad - yet!


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